Getting to know More about the Alzheimer’s Disease


What is an Alzheimer?

alzheimers-penelusuran-googleThis is a type of Dementia which causes memory problems, critical thinking and the behavior of the elderly. This gets worse as time passes by, which it becomes very severe as it affects the activities of daily living of the elderly. This means that there is a stagnation of memory until such time that the elderly can no longer remember anything from the past until the present. Although it is a rare case that an elderly with Alzheimer can truly remember a series of past or present events.

As an individual grows old, you must understand that having to acquire this type of disease is not a normal part of aging. In fact, this can cause you to become risky with the environment if you are not careful enough to take care of your elderly patient. Commonage bracket that affects the disease is about 65 years old and above. And there are only about 5% of elderly who will develop this particular disease.


The onset of Alzheimer’s disease

Onset starts at a very young age about 40 years old and above and this is called as the younger onset. As the age is increasing so is the risk to develop senile illnesses and diseases. You must also understand that this disease is irreversible and there is no chance for its memory to get back on track unlike any other form such as memory gap and amnesia.

As Alzheimer is getting worse

The longer it goes on, the more it progresses to become worse. At this point, families are counseled and prepare them for the worst scenes that they will encounter such as the elderly is not paying attention to them or have forgotten their names and worst, do not know them at all anymore. This can be very emotional to most families. Health care providers must be able to explain to the families the need for them to do in an approach wherein it will not be that painful to their part. Although it may be very difficult for them to grasp what’s going to happen, it is your role to lead the families to acceptance.


There is no cure.

Alzheimer’s is known for its irreversible cause. This means that there is no chance for one individual to go back to its normal mental state once. And you cannot also rule out the causes of the disease. One treatment that you can provide for this certain disease is to give palliative care to the elderly; this means that your presence is very important. Even if every time you visit your elderly, there may only be a few seconds of memory lane that he or she can remember, it would be better to stay with your elderly for awhile. Medications are provided not to treat the disease, but to stabilize any mood swings that an elderly will develop.

imagesScientist has believed that the disease prevents the cells to do their part for the entire brain, leaving it to become deteriorating. According to research and studies, few researchers are in the process of working to possibly uncover the treatment for alzheimers. But this has not yet been proven. Although there is only a slight change with the result of the research. As this research is still in the process hoping for a better result to help aide the possible treatment of medication for Alzheimer’s disease. As cells fail to produce new ones, this can cause the brain for its disability to regenerate cells, causing it to deteriorate which leads to the disease as the Alzheimer’s.